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how-to-protect-heel-of-your-goalie-stick blade-armor-goalie-stick-heel-tape

Blade Armor Goalie Stick Heel Protector

$6.99 CAD

The Blade Armor Goalie Stick Heel Protector was designed and manufactured in Canada to help protect your goalie stick heel from wearing down, and prevent nicks and chips. The Blade Armor hockey stick blade wrap is a thin layer of specialized adhesive tape that slides right onto the bottom edge of your goalie stick to help prolong its life in the heel area. To help ensure it stays on the blade, you can tape over the heel.

Whether you are a minor hockey coaching running skill development sessions or an off-ice skills coach, Blade Armor Hockey Stick Blade Protectors are essential! We are one of the first retailers in Canada to be offering Blade Armor products and we are an official authorized dealer of Blade Armor.

  • Protect your goalie stick heel from wearing down, and prevent nicks and chips.
  • Thin, durable, and feather-light.
  • Will not impede goalie stick performance.
  • Easily removed and replaced, just peel & stick onto bottom 3 inches of goalie stick Heel & tape over.
  • Fits both left and right handed sticks.
  • Fits senior, intermediate and junior sticks.
  • Black.
  • Stick not included; Blade Armor only.
  • Blade Armor model number: BA-400

    Buy your Blade Armor Goalie Stick Heel Protector today in Vancouver or online to protect that valuable stick!