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Bison Raw Hide Gut Wall Replacement for Wood Lacrosse Sticks - 3/16"

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Our 3/16" Bison Raw Hide Gut Wall Replacement for Wood Lacrosse Sticks is exactly what you need for your authentic wooden lacrosse stick. This is an genuine piece of Bison hide that was hand cut to be 3/16th of an inch wide. This benefit of this particular width is that it is easier to string in your wood stick and fits into most holes with ease. We also offer 1/4 inch rawhide pieces that more rigid and durable. Either option will work for all field and box sticks. If you are wanting to redo a goalie stick, the 30 foot length is suggested. 

This is an organic raw hide sidewall bundle that can be used to replace or repair an old lacrosse gut wall. Each piece is approximately 8 feet or 15 feet in length once wet.

Important Notes: For best results, you want to soak for 24 hours and will yield maximum pliability. At that point, it will become malleable and is easier to use on your wood stick head. That being said, you can soak for far less time and will still work (just not as pliable). You have roughly 30 minutes to complete your new sidewall before the raw hide begins to harden. Each bundle will vary slightly; they will range in colour from a light to dark natural colour. There will be minor variance in width due to being hand cut and you can also cut the sides down a bit if slightly too thick for your needs.

Max-Performance Sports is a proud authorized dealer of Wood Lacrosse Sticks located in Vancouver, BC and online.

  • Premium, genuine bison raw hide to make a lacrosse stick gut wall replacement
  • Your choice of either a 8', 15', or 30' length (when wet)
    • 8' is great for repairs or fixes
    • 15' is enough to do one box or field lacrosse wooden stick sidewall replacement
    • 30' is ideal for a wood goalie stick.

Get the genuine old school look and feel on your wood lacrosse stick with our Bison Raw Hide Gut Wall Replacement!