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Artificial Gut Wall Replacement for Wood Lacrosse Stick

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This is an Artificial Gut Wall Replacement for wood lacrosse sticks that can be used to quickly and easily replace an old gut wall. With a little practice or existing knowledge, this replacement gut wall will string up in less than 5 minutes! Although not organic raw-hide, these artificial replacements do provide perks: they are water resistant and more durable than authentic organic gut wall. These replacement sidewalls are thick, premium-grade string coated in a weatherproof substance to increase the performance of your stick without losing its old school feel.

If you have an old wooden lacrosse stick kicking around your house or garage and want to fix it up, this is the perfect gut wall you need to complete the job. Our artificial gut wall replacement is ideal for serious players, hobbyists, and DIY stick projects. 

Max-Performance Sports, located in Vancouver and online, is a proud authorized dealer of Wood Lacrosse Sticks.

  • Water resistant and more durable than organic gut wall
  • These Materials will work on all lacrosse heads (except goalie pockets)
  • These stick replacement gut walls are also known as:
    • Lacrosse Cat-Gut
    • Cat Gut Wall
    • Bison Side Wall
    • Sidewall or Side Wall

    Give your wood lacrosse stick the fix it needs with this new Artificial Gut Wall Replacement!