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Skate Sharpening

Skate Sharpening Vancouver

Max-Performance Sports & More is Vancouver's premier skate sharpening shop. Simply put, we offer the best skate sharpening in Vancouver.

We are dedicated to professional, precision skate sharpening in Vancouver, BC. That's exactly why we have created this web page dedicated to skate sharpening, the equipment we use, and the care that goes into each and every pair of skates that comes into our store. Spend some time reading the page below and getting to know us, because we guarantee we will take the time to get to know you and your skates! Come on down and see us for Skate Sharpening Vancouver.

Blademaster Equipment & Tools

Why choose Blademaster for our shop? Because only the best will do for your skates. Used by nearly every NHL and National team across the world, Blademaster truly has the best equipment on earth to give you the edge your skates need and deserve.

Blademaster has over 80 years of manufacturing and design experience, making them the worldwide leader in skate sharpening and official supplier of Hockey Canada (and several other National team programs). Max-Performance Sports & More uses Blademaster products exclusively including the skate sharpening machine itself, grinding wheels, holders, and tools. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible skate sharpening in Vancouver and use only the best tools to help with the job.In addition to our skate sharpener, all repair and skate servicing equipment including blade straighteners, custom skate contour holders, and our rivet machine are all made and designed by Blademaster.​

Precision and Dedication. Guaranteed.

Max-Performance Sports & More technicians use a number of tools including an HDI gauge (hollow depth indicator) which measures precise depth of hollow, edge balance and levelness within 1/100th of an inch to ensure that your skates are sharp and level every time. In addition, every hockey skate sharpened is monitored and checked throughout the sharpening process with the Pro-Square, which will ensure your skates have level edges.

best-skate-sharpening-vancouverWe get to know each of you that come into our shop, and truly find out how you like your skates done. Is the ice hard or soft where you play? What size are you? What style of player are you? These are all questions that we personally take the time to ask when informing you of a possible skate sharpening radius (for example, 1/2" or 5/8") would work best for you. Rushing you in and out of the store is not going to get you your Max-Performance on the ice, so we take our time and work with you to deliver the best results possible for you and your skates. 

Using state of the art Blademaster equipment,  our Blademaster certified skate technicians will ensure that your skates are sharp, level and professionally finished. 

"Every time I'm back training in the off-season, Max-Performance Sports & More is the only place I bring my skates for sharpening. Professional, knowledgeable, and the best."  - Sahir Gill, AHL Hamilton Bulldogs