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Skate Sharpening by Mail

So you've decided to mail us your blades for sharpening? Great idea! We feel confident we can make a difference in your game and bring the most out of your skate sharpening.

Please read our full instructions below on how to complete the super easy process of letting us sharpen your skates!

Full Instructions for mailing us your skates (full instructions and details here):

1. Remove your skate runners (steel blades).

  • You can ship us your entire skates, but due to the weight and size of a pair, we heavily suggest removing your runners and sending us your runners only (steel)
  • If you are sending us your blades and need help removing them, it's fairly easy so don't worry. For new Bauers with the Edge holders, pull the trigger and pry at the heel to use their quick release system. For other Bauers remove the footbed and remove the white plastic caps. You will see an 8mm nut inside the holders. Simply unscrew the nut (use a 1/4" drive nutdriver with a long extension to make the task easier) and the blade will pull right out. All other brand skates have screws on the outside of the skate, just take them out and pull the blades out. Call us at 1-778-379-4664 if you have trouble or need help.

2. Package your blades securely and carefully. Each pair should be using our skate blade pouches.

  • The absolute best way to ship us your steel is in our skate blade pouches. While there is an upfront cost, they are lightweight for shipping yet highly durable to keep your edges fresh and crisp. If you don't have one, simply click here and add one to your cart and we will ship your blades back in the pouch.
  • Once in a pouch or holder, you can place them in a long rectangular box or take a bigger box and insert your blades in them flat. If not using a pouch, be sure to tape your blades to a side in the box! This will ensure they don't cut through the box and fall out. If they can move around, they will cut their way through and we will get an empty envelope.
  • Please do not wrap blades themselves with tape, it's hard to get tape off the metal and it leaves a sticky residue. Also, there is no need to wrap the blades in duct tape, bubble wrap, or other homemade coverings. Simply place them in a bag and tape that to the side wall. 
  • Inside or on the box of your package, please write your name that you checked out with on your website (we will have the rest of your details for sharpening on our system from your checkout). If you have multiple pairs each sharpened differently, please include a note in your package on how you want each one.

3. Ship them to us. 

  • When shipping, you can choose any method you want, but be sure to have tracking and insurance in case of loss or damage on the way to us. We are not responsible for your lost or damaged runners. We will always ship them back to you with tracking and insurance as well. 

4. Buy your skate sharpening on our website.

  • Select your quantity at checkout (1 pair of skates includes 2 runners for $5) and your hollow preference. If you have 4 pairs for example, choose quantity of 4.
  • Purchase price includes return sharpening; send us multiple pairs for best value for combined shipping rates. 

5. We will sharpen them, and return ship them to you.

  • Depending on what time your blades get delivered to us, we will have them sharpened and shipped back to you on the same day!
  • Return shipping includes tracking and is shipped via Canada Post/USPS. The standards vary, but normally 2-5 days transit time depending on where you are located in relation to us in Vancouver, so plan accordingly. If you want a faster method, choose your method at checkout!

6. Enjoy your skate sharpening and rip it up out there!