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Marsblade Installation Vancouver

We are Vancouver's go-to shop for Marsblade Installation!

Grab a pair of old skates, bring your new Marsblade's to our Vancouver shop, and let us convert your hockey skates to rollerblades with our custom Marsblade installation services!


We will need your skates or rollerblades, as well as your new Marsblade's, and we will take care of the rest! We will begin the Marsblade installation process by removing both of your old skate holders and aligning your new Marsblade's.


Once we remove all rivets from the holders and the holders are off your skates, we will see which holes line up to the new Marsblade holders and which don't; we will drill new holes where need be. Once all holes are drilled and the Marsblade's are aligned, we will begin to rivet your new holders onto your hockey skate boots. We will use a mixture of Blademaster copper and steel rivets to properly install your new Marsblade holders. We'll give the blades a quick polish and you'll be all set to rip it up on the pavement or streets of Vancouver!