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Custom Skate Contouring and Profiling

Custom Skate Contouring and Profiling Vancouver

As Vancouver's premier skate sharpening shop, we offer state of the art custom skate contouring and profiling right here in Vancouver.

From a single radius to a quad radius, we will find the perfect skate profile for you and bring your game to the next level. Over 10 NHL teams use ProSharp skate profiling machines, including the Vancouver Canucks. We are the only hockey store in Vancouver offering and using this state of the art skate contouring machine for elite and recreational players. We want to make you a more efficient, powerful, and faster skater, which custom profiling (also known as contouring) will do for you. We take the time to discuss your style of play, how things are going right now, and want you need out of your skating to elevate your game to the next level. Whether you want better acceleration, tighter turns, less fatigue, or higher speed, we can deliver those results without coming close to breaking the bank. Real improvements, real value.

ProSharp AS-2001 All Pro Machine

ProSharp created and delivered their first machines in 1984 and are still serving skaters 25 years later. ProSharp profiling machines are used by the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins, and more. With each new pair of skates produced, the radius (for example, 9 foot) are often inaccurate due to the manufacturer's mass producing the steel runners, resulting in reduced performance when you skate. We can fix these defects, and get you skating better than you ever have. The ProSharp AS-2001 All Pro machine fixes this problems and gets you on your game. While the machine can sharpen and profile, our shop (like NHL teams), only use it profile your skates and then we precision sharpen your skates by hand with our Blademaster skate sharpener. By using this ProSharp machine, it allows precision profiling every single time and ensures your skate blades are both profiled identical to one another.


What is Skate Contouring (Profiling)?

While custom skate contouring and profiling is quite complex, in simple terms, skate profiling is the shaping of your steel runners (blades) to determine how much steel will contact the ice, and the overall shape of your skate runners. New blades are often profiled at 9' - 11', with often inaccurate results. For most players, there is often too much or not enough steel hitting the ice, which limits the player. Custom skate profiling will find the perfect fit for you, depending on what you want to achieve. The other huge problem with using skates straight out of the box is that the radius profiled on the steel is intended to suit all players. Can you see the problem there? Every player has their own style, their own game, and skates differently! By custom profiling your skates, it allows you to be a better skater. Whether you're new to the game of hockey or an elite player, you need your skates profiled to be truly effective and improve! 

Depending on your goals, we can custom profile your skates at our Vancouver store to suit your game, not somebody else's. We will take the time to sit down with you and discuss these goals, and what profile is suggested to take advantage of what you want to achieve. At Max-Performance Sports & More, we can do simple radius' such as 9', 10', or 11' for players and 28' or 30' for goalies. Yes, goalies you should be profiling your skates as well! For more advanced players, we can offer double radius, triple radius, or a quad radius to maximize your speed and edge control! 

Whether you are an elite "AAA" player or a recreational league player, skate contouring is a must! While we can apply more advanced radius' for advanced players, we can also apply an extremely effective skate contouring to "beer league" players. Think of skate profiling this way: if you ride a bike and it has 21 speeds, you generally switch gears when coasting or climbing up hills. It's far more difficult to use your bike if you aren't properly utilizing your gears. Same with your skates: they are ready to be so much more making you a better skater, they just need a tune-up (skate profiling). 

Benefits of Custom Profiling Skates

Here are a few benefits that you will gain from custom contouring your hockey skates:

  • More powerful strides and better glide
  • Higher speed, less fatigue, and improved two-way play
  • Better edge control, agility and balance
  • Better crossover skating, quicker turns and greater acceleration
  • Greater overall top-end speed
  • Overall improved confidence and enjoyment in your skating

Ready to make the jump to elevate your game?

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